Getting Started with SZABIST Admission System (ZAS)

SZABIST Admission System makes admission process easier and efficient. With ZAS you can apply for admissions online and follow the status of your application, communicate with the Admission Office, print your admit card etc. The entire admission process follows this sequence of steps

  • Register with SZABIST Admission System
  • Activate your account (an activation email will be sent to your mailbox)
  • Start an admission application for one of the available programs
  • Complete your application form providing all details as required in the application form
  • Finalize and Submit the admission application
  • Send all documents, recommendation letters and application processing fee to the Admission Office

  • Once you follow through all of these steps, Admission Office will review your application and if you meet all requirements for admission into your chosen program you will be required to either appear in a test, interview or both depending on program policy.

    Registration with SZABIST Admission System

    The first step of getting started with the application procedure is to register with the admission system. This procedure involves filling-out a simple form (as shown in the image below) and submitting it. While filling the Registration form you should remember these points
    • Use a valid email address because your account activation email will be sent to this address
    • The email address you provide here becomes your user id for SZABIST admission system and you cannot alter your email address
    • Password should be at least 6 character long and must contain at least one alphabet and one number. Special characters can also be used
    • Date of birth is required in MM/DD/YYYY format for example if your birthday is 25th of May 1979 you will type it as 05/25/1979
    • Select a program for which you want to apply and read the admission requirements. Once we are able to verify your email address you will be allowed to apply for multiple programs.
    • You must type the text shown at the end of the form into the last text field. In this case the text "GJ8K" is copied exactly into the box. This prevents automated computer programs from submitting registration requests
    • All mandatory fields are marked with an asterik (*)
    After submitting the form you should wait for the activation email to arrive in your mailbox.

    Activate your account

    The registration process sends an email message to your mailbox to confirm the validity of your email address and to authenticate you as a genuine applicant. The authentication email contains three important fields

    • Activation Link and Activation address
    • User Id (email address used on registration form)
    • Password

    In order to activate you account you must either click the activation link or use the activation address in your browser. The user id and password are provided for you reference only. The following image highlights the activation link and address in red color and user id and password in blue.

    If your email client is text-based then there will not be any clickable link in the email, in which case you should use the activation address in your browser to activate your account. After you have successfully activated your account you can login to SZABIST Admission System and start a new admission application.

    Starting an admission application

    After signing-in to your account you are taken to the Applicant Home Page. This page lists all admission applications that you have submitted or are working on. First time users will see a pre-initiated application for the program they chose while registering with SZABIST Admission System. If you want to apply for another program then click on the box that says "Want to apply for another program?", which displays all open program. You should check the admission requirements for your preffered program before applying.
    Applying for multiple programs

    After you submit your request to start a new application your Home page will display your application on the page.

    Applicant Home Page

    Once you login to the admission system the first page you will see is the applicant home page. This page lists all of your applications as shown in the sample below

    You will have a bird's-eye view of each application you are working on. For instance, in the above sample you can see that application status for EMBA application is "Not Submitted". To start working on an application click "Work on this application" link, this will take you to the application where you can view program requirements, document list to submit, application form etc. Remember that when you start your application it will be assigned a temporary Application Id, which is apparent from temp "TEMP" keyword prefixed to the id. However, once Admission Office approves your application you will be assigned a permanent Application Id.

    Complete your application form

    You can reach the application form by clicking "Work on this application" link available on Application Home page and then selecting "Application Form" link on the left-hand side of your page (outlined in blue). The application form is divided into several sections that can be completed independently. Each of these section has to be completed before the application can be submitted. The "Check Status" section of the form provides a summary of your progress on the application form by indicating Incomplete or Complete in front of each section. Additionally, each incomplete section appears red in the header (outlined in black) and after you complete a section it will appear in green with a check mark (Test Details section in the picture below). Once all sections are complete the entire header will appear in green color (except Check Status) and the "Finalize And Submit" button will become enabled, at which point you can submit your application to the admission office.

    Please remember that you do not have to complete the application form in one-go. Instead you should take your time and provide complete and correct information. For further details on each of these applications use these links

    • Basic Info
    • Education
    • Work Experience
    • Siblings
    • Other Details
    • Test Details
    • References

    Basic Info Section

    Ideally, Basic Info should be the first section that you should complete in your admission form. It contains general purpose information like NIC, Passport, Address etc. You should complete this section in a top-down approach i.e. start from Prefix, First, Middle and last name and move down one-by-one to the emergency contact info.

    All required information is marked with an asterik (*) and incomplete information is colored in red. However, there are some sub-sections that are conditionally mandatory, for instance, the passport section is mandatory if you are not Pakistan National and non-mandatory otherwise. Both of these conditions are depicted in the images shown below. Note that passport fields have an asterik (*) when "Nationality" is other than "Pakistan"

    Passport Info mandatory

    As you make your way down the Basic Info form and click the "Save" or "Save and move next" buttons the system will check your input to see if all required information has been provided and that the information is provided correctly. In case there is an omission you will see a message like the one shown in Incomplete information. If all required information is provided properly, you will see a confirmation message as shown in Complete Information.

    Complete Information

    Education Section

    Before starting out on the Education Section you should view the minimum qualification required by the program that you are applying for. This information can be viewed on the "Requirements" page. The Education section will only appear complete when you have provided details of all qualifications leading up to the minimum required by your program. For instance, if the program requires a Bachelor degree then you must provide details of Matriculation / O Level, Intermediate / A Level and Bachelor degree. However, it is recommended that you mention all achieved qualifications, even those that exceed the minimum education qualification required by your program. While working on the Education section please remember these points

    • Go through the Guidelines provided on the page
    • All fields are mandatory
    • You can provide more than one bachelor and masters degrees; however, you can provide only one Matriculation or O level and one Intermediate or A level detail
    • The start date and end date are in the format MM/YYYY, that is, you should provide the month and the year. If you are not sure about the exact month then make a calculated guess
    • Depending on the policy of the Institution each of your qualifications would have a final Division, Grade or GPA. Which ever the case, you should provide an accurate percentage that you obtained. if you are not sure what you percentage is (as can be in some GPA cases) then call your institution and confirm your overall percentage

    For you reference, a completed Education section is provided below.

    Work Experience Section

    Before starting out on the Work Experience section you should view the minimum work experience requirements for your program on "Requirements" page. If work experience is a requirement for entry into your program then you need to mention details related to your current as well as all previous employers. While working on the work experience section please keep these important points in mind

    • All mandatory information is marked with an asterik (*)
    • If your program does not require and you do not have any work experience then select "No" in response to the question "Do you have any work experience?". This will complete your work experience section and you can move on to the next one
    • Start and End date are in the format "MM/YYYY" meaning that you should provide the month and year only
    • Mention the complete address of your employer
    • For every employer you must mention a contact person that can verify your information
    • If your program requires, for instance, a minimum of 3 years of managerial experience then it will be up to the Admission Office to decide if your experience meets the minimum requirement
    • For your current employer do not mention the End Date, instead, check "Currently Working" next to the end date

    A sample is provided below to help you understand how to complete the work experience section

    Siblings Section

    If one of your siblings are studying or have studied at SZABIST then you should mention it in this section. The only information required is your siblings name and the program of studies. Remember that any information you provide here is optional and does not in anyway affect Admission Office's decision on your application. If this section does not apply to you then select "No" in response to the question "Do you have any siblings in SZABIST?", this will complete the siblings section and you can move on to the next one. Please remember these points while working on this section

    • Mandatory information is marked with an asterik (*)
    • Provide full name for each of your siblings

    A sample is provided below for your help

    Other Details Section

    While all other sections are highly objective in nature, this section provides more breadth to you and allows you to put yourself ahead of all other applicants. You should fully utilize this opportunity while answering the question "Why Choose this course?", which is your personal statement (also known as "Statement of Purpose") and explain the reason for selecting this program. Besides the personal statement, all other questions also provide a good opportunity to showcase professional and academic achievements. Please remember these important points when working on this section
    • All mandatory information is marked with an asterik (*)
    • Each text box is marked with the maximum allowed characters (not words) that you can type into the box. This maximum limit includes spaces, tabs and special characters
    • Keep your personal statement as brief as possible
    • If you are transferring from another SZABIST campus then select "Yes" in response to the question "Are you a transfer student?"
    • In response to the question "Do you have computer background?" write details of the software that you use regularly e.g. MS Office, Lotus Notes, Siebel CRM, Oracle Financials etc. Computer Science and IT students should mention relevant technical skills
    • SZABIST has a zero tolerance policy against plagiarism. If any information provided in this section is found to be plagrised then SZABIST reserves the right to reject your application (before Admission) or enrolment (after Admission) and take appropriate action as per SZABIST plagiarism policy

    A sample form is provided below for your help

    Test Details Section

    In case your program requires an entry test you should decide if you want to take the SZABIST admission test or apply for admission using scores from GMAT, GRE, SAT or NTS. If you wish to take SZABIST admission test then select "Yes" in response to the question "Will you be applying through SZABIST admission test?" otherwise select "No" and provide details of one of the mentioned tests. Please remember these points

    • Mandatory information is marked with an asterik (*)
    • Provide the obtained score in "Test Score" field
    • Success in any of the external tests does not guarantee admission into SZABIST
    • Do not mention expired test scores

    A sample form is provided below for your help

    References Section

    Before starting out on the References section you should view the "Requirements" page to confirm if recommendation letters are required for admission and if so then what is the minimum number of recommendations that you must submit. Each referee you provide on this page has to complete a recommendation letter (download link provided in Guidelines box on the page) and mail it to the Admission Office in a sealed envelope. Please remember these important points while providing reference details

    • Mandatory information is marked with an asterik (*)
    • Mention accurate contact info for each referee and if possible then please give direct contact numbers
    • Each referee you specify in this section has to send a recommendation letter to SZABIST Admission Office
    • Do not ask anyone other than the referees you provide in this section to send the recommendation letter
    • Do not write your own recommendation letter or impersonate someone else
    • Each of your referees should either be your teacher/advisor or should have known you professionally (but not as your subordinate)

    A sample form is provided below for your help

    Finalize and Submit your application

    Once you have completed all section of your admission application. The "Check Status" section will display all sections as Complete and "Finalize and Submit" button would become clickable. You will also see a list of documents, which you must submit along with the admission processing fee before your application can be processed. Double check your application form and click the "Finalize and Submit" button to send your application to the Admission Office. A disclaimer will appear on your screen (shown below), which you must accept by clicking "OK" button. After this point you will not be allowed to edit your information. Please remember these important points

    • After submitting your application, if you fail to send your documents to the Admission Office before the Form Submission deadline your application will not be considered for admission
    • Please Finalize your online application, send all required documents and application processing fee as soon as possible
    • Do not mail original documents to the Admission Office

    Finished Form

    Program Requirements

    The program requirements page lists admission requirements / criteria. It is strongly recommended that you go through these requirements before starting work on an application. As a general guideline, you should make note of the minimum educational qualification required, work experience requirements and number of recommendations required for admission.

    Program Checklist

    On the program checklist page you will find a list of all documents that must be submitted to the Admission Office along with the admission processing fee. For each document listed on this page you will find the number of copies that must be submitted for each document. Your application will not be accepted until all documents are received by the Admission Office. The same checklist will appear on "Check Status" section in Application Form after you complete all application form sections.
    Message Board

    The message board facilitates your communication with the Admissions office. You can use it to put forward admission queries or seek technical assistance regarding the online usage of our system. We recommend that you check your messages regularly. Messages received are archived in your inbox. Both the read and unread status appears next to each message together with the facility to reply.

    You can compose new messages as the tab below indicates. It is important that you include both the subject and the message body before relaying it to the Admissions office.

    A confirmation message will indicate the successful posting of your message. In case of any disruption you will be alerted otherwise.

    Forgot Password

    In case you forget your password the "Forgot Password" page can help you to retrieve it. Simply type in your email address (that you provided at registration) and press "Submit". Your password will be emailed to you. Please remember not to share your password with anyone. SZABIST does not take liability for any loss or damage to your application data.
    Enabling Javascript in Internet Explorer and other browsers

    If javascript is not available (or turned off) in your browser you will be notificed about this on your home page. There are numerous resources on the internet that can help you in turning on javascript. Please consult these links: Link 1, Link 2. A more comprehensive explanation convering multiple browsers can be found on this page